Visionboard™ is a Johannesburg-based IoT or Technology, advisory and venture incubation company. We help companies manage their vision through technology that enables them to interconnect, remotely monitor their financial, operations and have access to sound advice by curating their own advisory board with our products.

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Visionboard™ Workplace

Simplify and organize your business through Visionboard™ Workplace ‘aka VB Workplace’ which is an advanced CRM & project management tool for professional businesses. Manage your colleague’s information, create new estimates and invoices and download them as PDF. Everything on one place. Use our powerful CRM functionality and collect all contact information and let your network grow by scheduling meetings in company. Using ‘Vb Workplace’ you can create new project, assign tasks, resources and track progress.

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Why Vb Workplace as a product?

Uniting your team and preparing them to work as a unit is integral to your projects’ success. But without proper project management software, you may be doubling your efforts instead of optimizing them. Think of all the time you’ve spent juggling spreadsheets and managing your overflowing inbox. With the right tools, you can be more strategic with your resources.

Visionboard™ Marketplace

Visionboard is an on-demand platform or marketplace where ambitious businesses can expand their vision by curating a fit for purpose advisory board that shares their passion within their industry at reasonable price points. Advisors can add value through using their individual areas of specialization, experience, and build extensive networks while earning and being in control of their time.

Why use Vb Marketplace?

Our digital advisory platform provides a better way to establish, manage, and get value from an advisory boards for companies, teams, startups, non-profits, venture capital firms and everyone else who can now leverage the power of advisors. There is no time commitment, so you can talk as few or as many hours as you’d like – when you’d like (you set your calendar). You can set your own project specs, budget and required expertise. .


Importance of collaboration through our products? Before we get into building a collaborative team environment, let’s discuss why collaboration is important. Without collaboration, your company will stagnate. It takes a team’s combined ideas and work to pull off a complex project, to innovate, and to come up with products that beat the competition.

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